About #nofilter by IndiGo

#nofilter by IndiGo is about building a community of photographers who wear their passion with pride when it comes to showing the world through their lens. All you need is a camera, a view, and the inherent need to tell stories that are raw, unadulterated, and beautiful.

So, keep it real. Tell us your story. Join the community - #nofilter by IndiGo.

Photographers can choose themes for their submissions—monuments and landscapes, people and portraits, nature and wildlife, or culture and celebrations. Considering the love for cameras in 2023, our contest allows you to participate using any type of camera equipment, including but not limited to mobile phones, DSLRs, and digital cameras. Find the frame that no one else has found, point the camera, and shoot.

Being a part of the #nofilter community opens up avenues to become the next big thing in the world of photography. All you need to do is submit your best work under any of the given themes. The result is a chance to be featured on the National Geographic TV channel and showcase your work to our acclaimed jury members, Imtiaz Ali and Raghu Rai.

Your camera. Your frame. Your story. That’s all it takes to turn passionate pictures into prestigious photography.

So, keep it real. Tell your story.